Manometerpressure gaugeBC-MO ManometrManometerManometer

Burdon tube pressure gauge

Pressure gauge for applications with high dynamic pressure or vibrations.

Fluid medium which does not clog connection port or corrode copper alloy.

Technical Data:

Connection: Pressure connection radial or axial
G ¼ , 14 mm flats

Design: EN 837-1

Nominal size: 63

Accuracy class: 1,6

Scale ranges:

  • -1...0 bar up to 0...400 bar (axial connection)
  • -1...0 bar up to 0...600 bar (radial connection)

Working pressure: Steady: ¾ x of full scale value

Fluctuating: ⅔ x of full scale value

Short time: full scale value

Ambient temperature: -20°C up to +60°C

Medium temperature: up to max. 60°C

Temperature effect: When temperature of the pressure element deviates from
reference temperature (+20°C): max. ± 0,4%/10K of true scale value.

Ingress protection: IP 65 acc. to EN60529 / IEC529

Liquid filling: Glycerine 99,5 %