BC-91 / BC-37ATEX solenoid valve BC-91 / BC-37BC-91 / BC-37BC-91 / BC-37BC-91 / BC-37

BC-91 BC-37
3/2 - 5/2 ways solenoid valve

Piston slider valve

NC and NO edition (3/2 Namur only NC)
for single- (3/2) and bi- (5/2) operational actuators.
Electropneumatically operated, indirectly controlled
flange edition - hole pattern NAMUR (NG 6).
Operating pressure max. 8 bar.
Flange: synthetic material (POM)


  • high flow-rate
  • simple and tough internal design
  • direct streaming  at maximum flow
  • maintenance-free
  • solenoid system simply exchangeable
  • compact design
  • optional without manual operation (HA)
  • discharge air recirculation (3/2-way Namur)
  • multiple mounting options



BC-91 BC-37 atex solenoid valve
Housing Aluminium eloxiert
Pressure range 0,2 - 8 bar
Seal NBR
Connection G 1/4
Type of protection Mining
I M2 Ex ia Mb
II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 Gb

Our 3/2 way solenoid valve BC-91 and BC- 37 is jointly suitable for being used with the above valve solenoids pursuant to category I M2 and II 2G.(≤ ½”).

The use is restricted as shown on the solenoid’s type plate and not admissible without the above BC solenoid. Please observe the operating instructions for both the valve and the solenoid. The devices conform to the following standards:

DIN EN 60079-0:2012
(General provisions)

Electrical devices for hazardous areas (explosive)

DIN EN 60079-11:2012
(Intrinsic safety i)

Electrical devices for hazardous areas (explosive)

DIN VDE 0580.2000

General requirements for electromagnetic devices

DIN EN 13463-1:2009

Non-electric equipment (Fundamentals)