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Our products are the result of our industry-specific knowledge and experience in explosion prevention, whereby solutions for the intrinsic safety “ignition protection categories“ “ia” and “ib” are the focal point. The implementation of the ATEX directive was an important milestone in the realignment of our product line to European and international product solutions. We are therefore in the position to offer product solutions for appliance groups I (mining) and II (chemicals), as well as for categories 2 and 3 each.

For example, with regard to the ignition protection categories „ia“ and encapsulated “m”, we use our own magnetic system MODEX® , so that we can offer our customers precisely fitting product solutions for zones 1 and 2.

With our products, such as pressure switches, position switches, rotary actuators and magnetic valves, we offer the best non-vendor specific solutions for the process chains of signal generators and signal processing of final control elements.

We are certified according to ATEX, IEC-EX and ISO 9001.

We would be pleased to also contribute to your project with our experience, and meet your high standards.